📡 1. Game of Sultans $270M, 2. Blockchain Gaming Primer, 3. Activision $12B Acquisition, 4. Amazon PC Games Store Survey Results

Games Radar Thursday!

Happy Games Radar Thursday,

Here is an I. game alert, II. word on the street, III. question to consider this week, and IV. results from our Crypto Gaming survey from last week

I. Game Alert

Sometimes, it pays to go where others will not follow.

Game of Sultans is an empire simulation RPG in which you play the role of a sultan and make strategic decisions to manage your empire. These activities include engaging in wars, picking consorts, political intrigue, and managing your heirs.

The game has quietly amassed over $270M in net revenue according to Sensor Tower across 41M installs.

Note the majority of the revenue comes from the US.

While many consider the content of this game objectionable, the game continues to find an appeal and performs as strongly as ever especially in the US. More recently, however, the game has declined in other geographies.

Here’s a video on how to play for anyone interested:

II. Word on the Street

If you hear any more about blockchain games are you just gonna 🤮

Ok, well then, sorry but get to puking!

Check out the below for the most definitive guide on blockchain gaming I’ve come across yet:

Pretty cool!

III. Question For You

Activision currently sits on $6B in net cash with rumors swirling about potential acquisition targets. Let’s say for the sake of argument that Activision could potentially acquire another company for up to 2X their net cash (for simplicity).

What would you do if you were Activision?

If you were the CEO of Activision, how would you deploy company cash?

1. Buy Zynga ($8.4B Market Cap) | vote

2. Buy a Crypto Game Company like Sky Mavis ($3B Valuation) or Mythical (Raised $120M) | vote

3. Try to Acquire A Big Private Game Studio (Wildlife, Tactile, Moon Active) | vote

4. Stock Buyback | vote

5. Something Else | vote

See results

IV. Survey Results: Amazon PC Store Market Share

Well based on the survey from last week’s Games Radar, our results are now in!

Looks like, the majority of our readers believe Amazon’s new PC Games Store will get < 10% market share in 5 years: